We are the True Voices of Democracy


As an American living in the UK, I always (naively) felt the British media was far superior to most of what was on offer in the US. I fell into that same trap of being lulled by the posh British accents. No one who spoke like that could be lying to me??? In the USA the media may be poor. With the likes of Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh. But honestly only about 25% of the population takes them seriously. Whereas in the UK, if you attended the right university and your accent is from the proper postcode, you’re taken seriously no matter how much you bend the truth and fabricate events.

I became actively involved in the Scottish independence campaign in early 2013. As time progressed I found it more difficult to find any media coverage which matched the intelligent, passionate debate that was being held all over Scotland. It was like two different worlds moving in opposite directions.

All of sudden, people who publicly wanted a better Scotland were deemed as the enemy by the media. (I myself had a nasty experience with the most vile of the British press, the Daily Mail) We weren’t cowed. We didn’t shut up. But we had a monumental task trying to overcome the daily distortions of the British press.

Citizen journalism and online blogs, podcasts and even films grew out of our YES movement. It certainly was inspiring. However, we were still only able to be heard by a younger generation. The over 55’s were never going to swap their Daily Record for Bella Caledonia.

But regardless of the appalling role of the British media in this campaign, we still managed to persuade 45% (over 1.6 million people) to vote for independence. We should all take massive pride in that fact. The media isn’t going to change in the short term. In fact I’m sure some press like the Daily Mail, the Scotsman and BBC news will stay deeply rooted to British establishment distortions.

Despite that fact, we are a more aware and better informed population than we were 2 years ago. They can lie, and we can tell the truth. Yes, there will be a certain segment of the public who never hear our voices, but every day that number will diminish. We stand firm and we challenge the lies. In the end, truth will win out over fear and deception. Let’s all stand together. We are the future of Scotland now.