SNP is Bad…


First of all, this wasn’t a blog I ever thought I would write, but I felt like someone needed to do it. I can’t promise I will offer the best or most intelligent alternatives, but I will provide my own challenge to the SNP.

Admission time, I am a paid up, card carrying member of the SNP. I have attended their conferences and I have a vote for my constituency representatives. Of all the political parties not just in Scotland, but in the UK, the majority of their policies most resemble my own political views.

However that doesn’t mean they aren’t above criticism. I personally have some issues with some of their policies. I know many will disagree with me, but as this is my blog, these are my views.

Council tax freeze- abolish it. However, make it far more progressive than it currently is. Provide a gradual increase in proportion to the various Bands. For example, Band A has a 5% increase, while giving Band H a 25% increase. (Also I’d re-evaluate the Band vales as they seem very outdated). Okay, so you think this may chase away some middle class voters?Perhaps but I was under the impression most of these folk voted Labour or Tory anyway.

Of course along with increasing council tax, I would also like a caveat that local councils must use this extra money to improve services for everyone, not spending it on vanity projects, like the Edinburgh Trams.

Private schools charity status- Abolish it. Seriously if there is one policy in this country I completely don’t understand it is why fee paying schools are given charity status. Where did this even come from? Why on earth should expensive schools be exempt from the same taxes as state schools. Its a ludicrous policy. Something which appears orginated in the 19th C.

Fracking- Ban it completely in Scotland. As an American I have seen and read about the vast devastation it has caused in my country. 20 years you could drink the water in rural Pennsylvania. And Oklahoma never used to be a hotbed of earthquake activity. Let’s not even entertain the idea. Let’s stop it stone dead.

Which brings me to Renewables. Let’s move Scotland forward into better investment of our renewable energy. Yes, I realise Westminster has removed the subsidies for renewables, but it doesn’t have to stop Scotland from doing all we can to grow our renewables sector. I know I sound a bit “Green” here, but as a nation Scotland should get away from fossil fuel reliance. Why couldn’t Aberdeen morph into the Renewable Energy capital of not just Europe, but the world?

Education- give every young Scot the ability to stay in school through S6. I believe 16 is too young to leave formal education. I feel every young person should stay on until 17. Obviously there would be much additional funding needed to add a mandatory extra year to education, but this could be covered by increase in council tax and abolishing charity status from private schools.

These are just a few of my own challenges I would present to the SNP government. I suspect many people in the party will disagree with some or all of my ideas. But hey like I said before, this is my blog, so these are my positions.

I welcome your comments and own ideas.

Thank you for reading.