Trumpeters and the UK



I woke up very early Wednesday morning to a country I didn’t recognise, my country, the USA. I sat in stunned silence and watched the final states turn red, and I felt physically ill. I wasn’t quite sure if I was still asleep. Sadly, I wasn’t.

I spent most of the day glued to the internet, while CNN played in the background on my television, which was on all day. I was trying to understand, to make sense of it. But I still just felt shock.

However, this piece isn’t so much about what happened in my native land as it is about what I subsequently witnessed happening here in Scotland, as a result of the Trump victory.

Politicians, journalists, and the anonymous, cowardly keyboard warriors had taken to social media en masse to proclaim how much those Trumpeters were like our cybernats (of which I had been labelled a few years ago). At first I ignored it, as I was far too wrapped up in what was unfolding in the USA. But by this morning, I realised it had become almost normalised by those who feel they represent the status quo. I was livid.

First of all, I have yet to see any proof that open minded folk who worked tirelessly for an independent Scotland were in any way similar to a person who voted for Trump. Did we have endorsements from the KKK? No, in fact the sister organisation to the KKK here in Scotland, is the Orange Order. Any guesses of which side of the Scottish independence referendum they were on? Bingo, they were staunch NO supporters.

Second, let’s seriously look at the party which most YES folk support. The SNP. Who’s leader is Nicola Sturgeon. Is this woman, who embraces diversity and inclusion, in any way like Donald Trump? No. If you can remotely even entertain that idea, sorry but you’re either delusional or just not very bright.

The leader who most embodies the views of Trump, is the ex-UKIP leader, Nigel Farage. In fact he went over to the USA and campaigned for Trump. I think they have a “special relationship”. But again, remind me which side of the independence referendum, he was on. That’s correct, another staunch unionist. Who felt we were better together.

Then there’s the UK Tory party. Their current leader recently made a speech at the last Tory conference, in which she proclaimed. “If you’re a citizen of the world, you’re a citizen of nowhere.” In fact Nigel Farage, praised her speech as one he could have given. (Yes, that Nigel Farage).

Again which side of the independence debate were the Tories on? You got it, the unionists side. They were all working diligently for Better Together.

And finally, I come to the UK Labour party. A party which is actually in a bit of a mess at the moment and most people have no idea what they even stand for. But during the last General Election they did produce a campaign mug. It was red, and emblazoned with the words, Controls on Immigration. Vote Labour. I can’t help but think Donald Trump would be proud to drink his coffee out of one of those mugs.

Oh and Labour, they too stood proudly on the side of the union. In fact they campaigned side by side with the Tories. The very party which took us out of the EU and has made us a much more insular place.

So for anyone who deals in reality instead of fantasy, the facts speak for themselves. The pro-union, Better Together, NO supporters have far more in common with Donald Tump and his supporters.

Ergo, Trumpeters equal UK unionists.