Survival Tactic

I probably shouldn’t be writing this in my present distraught state. But sometimes extreme emotions form the ideas and I have to let them form words on a page.

We need to talk about Scottish independence. Yes, again. It feels far more urgent, then it did in 2014. Ok for some of us, we did foresee the pending calamity which overtook all rational thought in UK politics. However I fully understand not everyone shared that view in 2014.

Now 3 years later, the state of the UK is completely different. It’s not really a matter of should we have another Scottish independence referendum, but more aptly if we don’t, we will face ruin. You may think I’m being overly hyperbolic here, overreacting even. But panic is sometimes a good state to find ones self. It can spur on action, and boy do we need to take some aggressive steps right now.

Let’s move on from the infighting, because the cliff we are being pulled towards is very steep and very high. Once we go over, that’s it, we are done. And the thing about economic suicide is it really does not discriminate. Okay, if you have a bit more money you may be a bit more insulted, but you’re still going to break a hell of a lot of bones on that fall. Personally I don’t believe any of us are completely safe from Brexit.

The Scottish unionists have all but ignored Brexit. Why? Because every day, another story (or 10) is written about the devastation to our economy. And this is where I genuinely question the extreme unionists’ concern for Scotland. In 2014, these people couldn’t pen enough columns on how Scotland would sink without the “broad shoulders” of the UK. We would become a nation akin to Haiti, but with far less sun. And truth be told, the economic argument for the first independence referendum was our downfall. The YES side could never 100% guarantee that life would be better post independence. Change is always a risk. Too many people were afraid.

However we live in a completely different world to 2014. Scottish independence is no longer a risk to Scotland as much as it’s the lifeboat we require to keep us from drowning.

The economic argument for independence is nothing like what it was 3 years ago. We don’t want to keep the GBP (have you looked at it’s value recently). Suddenly joining the Euro seems far less daunting. Nevermind, all the companies which will flee an independent Scotland. Look at how many are leaving Brexit Britain for safer EU countries. There are no broad shoulders to support us any longer. In fact, Brexit appears as if it will pit the various parts of the UK against one another. Fighting for the crumbs we require for our basic survival. I don’t know about you, but my money is on London being the winner in that battle. Scotland might come someplace after Sheffield, but perhaps a tad before Swansea.

And of no less importance is the loss of millions of qualified citizens who will leave Brexit Britain. That is already happening. Of course when you have a government telling EU citizens, they’re no longer welcome here, it’s not surprising they would leave. Is that really the type of country we see for Scotland. An insular, xenophobic land, where only “natives” are valued.

It’s not as if I don’t care about the plight of the rest of the UK. But they have their own elected governments to pressure. Unfortunately for them, they don’t have a pro-European government, or opposition for that matter. But we can’t continue to suffer in hope that one day our much larger neighbor will finally elect a sensible government.

So I implore the Scottish government to do what is best for Scotland. Scottish independence referendum #2 is more vital than ever. Freedom. It’s really a matter of survival this time.