IMG_1231I’m relatively new to the whole rugby fandom. I have watched 6 Nations games over the years with just a passing interest. But over the last 2 years I’ve become much more interested in the game. To the point where I now revolve my schedule around watching important Scotland matches.

Yesterday was one such match. It was England VS Scotland. A big rivalry. An important game for both sides in the Six Nations tournament. Edinburgh was flooded with England fans who seemed quite assured that their team would win. I believe they were the favourites, but Scotland had been playing well recently, so there was hope. Anyway Scotland pulled it off and won 25-13. It was a thrilling game, and the boys in blue played brilliantly. A well deserved win, by the underdogs.

However one thing which baffles me are the folk who scream in support for Scotland on the field, but then turn around the next day and say, ‘but we’re Scottish, we can’t run our own affairs.’ Yes, I fully understand that sports and politics are two different entities, and that the justification for the former is it’s all just a game. I get that. But, I fail to understand folk who take such pride in their team winning, even to the extent of possibly waving a saltire and donning a Scotland shirt, on the day. Items they probably hide in the back of their wardrobes any other time of year. I mean they don’t want anyone to think they are actually pro-Scottish, lest they be labeled a “silly Nat”.

The idea of self determination to me is about taking pride in EVERY aspect of your country. I don’t comprehend how one feels so much passion for one’s county for 90 minutes, but then after that, it’s switched off and it’s back to moaning about how bloody hopeless Scotland is at governing itself. It’s like we can be good at sports, but don’t ever suggest that means we could ever be good at anything else.

So if Scotland can excel at rugby, perhaps next it will be the arts, or technology or food and drink, or commerce…or maybe, just maybe self government. C’mon you 90 minute patriots start waving that saltire for more than just a Saturday afternoon in February.