Is Westminster a terrorist organisation?

Ok. I bet that got your attention there. Hyperbolic? A year ago, perhaps. Today, I believe it’s an appropriate description of our government in the Westminster Parliament.

In the last few weeks we the people of the UK have been told that we should prepare for the possibility of a no deal Brexit. What does that mean exactly? Well it’s not pretty. In fact it’s downright dystopian. Basically we’ve been told that the shops would run out of food in just days. Hospitals and healthcare facilities could run out of medicines in just 2 weeks. Flights would be grounded. The south coast of Kent would be a literal parking lot for lorries trying to get to mainland Europe. It sounds like some really awful futuristic apocalyptic novel. But no this would be the United Kingdom in 2019, in the event of not securing an adequate agreement with Brexit.

Now, you might be thinking why on earth would a democratic government ever risk such an disastrous outcome for its citizens? Well, exactly. It’s not the way government in a functioning democracy behaves. You don’t set upon a course of action which would lead directly to civil unrest, and possibly even thousands or millions of deaths. This is not what we elect people to do. It’s the kind of oppressive behaviour that people have been fighting against for centuries. It’s certainly not how you would expect a 21st century western government to behave.

Unless. You start to analyse the government in another light. What if the Westminster government is really a terrorist organisation? I know it seems to go against all rational thought. But given what we have heard from them over the last few weeks is it really such an odd concept? We’ve had a Tory MP say on national television, that we won’t see any benefit from Brexit for 50 years. Another Cabinet Secretary stating, that we could be headed for an “accidental” no deal. But it would be all the EU’s fault. Now last time I checked it wasn’t officials in the EU which had imposed an EU referendum on the UK (with virtually no real information as to what leaving the EU would even mean). How is it possible a government which is meant to be working for the people, is leading us towards such a draconian existence, that will make the Middle Ages look like the glory years?

Terrorists attempt to intimidate a population through mass murder. We have seen horrific examples of this just in the last 20 years. They try to cause the maximum damage and upset to a country or ideology which they view as the enemy. The end result is tragically many deaths and severe devastation. The public watches in horror and wonders how anyone could do this to innocent people. We never imagine our own government would try to cause such intentional harm and destruction to its own citizens. That would never happen.

But what is the realistic outcome of a nation of 65 million people not having enough food, or water or medicines? It’s death. There is no other ending to that scenario. Why on earth would any rational government even begin to contemplate this kind of scenario for its people is beyond the realm of rational thought. Except this has now been our political discourse over the last few weeks. We live in a country where are own elected officials are now steering us on a course of utter devastation and potentially massive fatalities.

If a terrorist organisation wanted to bring a country to a complete standstill and cause maximum pain, they could hardly devise a plan as destructive as the UK leaving the EU without any deal.

So, I ask you. Is the Westminster government a terrorist organisation?